COVID wing

Best Hospital for Corona Treatment in Dhaka

HiCare has the most robust and comprehensive COVID care facility in the country. To augment this, we have round-the-clock 24/7 multidisciplinary support of Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine, Nephrologist, Radiologist, Cardiologist and others along with a modern well-equipped treatment facility, with a dedicated In-patient COVID treatment facility segregated from Non-Covid area:

  • Number of Doctors 10
  • Number of Nurses 24
  • Other Staffs 40
  • COVID Dedicated ICU bed 10
  • COVID Bed with Central Oxygen Supply 10
  • Covid dedicated HDU BED 8
  • Total High Flow Nasal Cannula Available (functioning) 8
  • Total Ventilator Available 6
  • Total Cylinder Available 150
  • Total Bed Available with Central Qxygen Supply Point (general+ICU+HDU) 30
  • Total Covid Dedicated beds 30

HiCare has been acting as one of the best hospitals for treating patients with Coronavirus in Dhaka. HiCare provides 24/7 specialist coverage in Emergency to triage & identify COVID & Non-COVID patients, reliable Coronavirus/ COVID test by RT PCR method in out-patient, Post Covid Rehab, home sample collection, bulk sample collection & fast track service.

Also we have 24/7 Specialist coverage in Emergency to triage & identify COVID & Non-COVID patients, reliable COVID test by RT PCR method in out-patient, home sample collection, bulk sample collection & fast track service.


COVID-19 Test

Get COVID-19 test report in approx 12 hours

*conditions apply

*Report will be provided  in approx 12 hours if sample is given from 8 am to 2 pm

*Report will be provided after 2 pm of the following day if sample is given after 2 pm

COVID-Doorstep Check

COVID Family Doorstep Check: Only one Collection Charge (BDT 1000) for Home Sample of 2-9 persons.

COVID Corporate Doorstep Check: Collection Charge completely free for Home Sample of 10 or more persons. 10% Discount on each COVID test. One COVID Telemedicine Consultation free for each COVID positive patients.

COVID test report in 12 hours (*condition apply).

Call 10666 to know more

COVID Home Care Package

COVID Home Care package for COVID positive patients with no/mild symptoms. Those who are COVID suspects, have not done the test but have had strong contact history with COVID patients and showing mild symptoms, can also avail of this for Corona at our Hospital in Dhaka. This is a 14 day unique package designed to keep the patient under surveillance with video consultancy every day with doctor review, nutritionist advice, stress counseling and rehab physician’s advice included. This package contains Coronavirus/ COVID Home Care Kit which has Digital Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, basic medicines, safety gears like a mask, gloves, sanitizer, surface disinfectants and also disposable crockeries & waste disposal bags, to assist the COVID patient to have the necessary comfort, as he/she remains at home in isolation. On the 14th day, a COVID test will be done to close the package.

This 14 days package come at a price of BDT 25000.

Please contact 01914001224 & 01914001288 to avail this and to know more about COVID Home Care Package.

Post COVID Pulmonary Rehabilitation

HiCare Post COVID Rehab program is designed with careful crafting of pre-assessment and post-assessment Consultations of Pulmonologist, Physiatrist and Nutritionist, along with necessary investigations at different times to assess the status and progress, coupled with rehab sessions for restoring breathing adequacy and functional normalcy. The program ends with the caregiver and the patient coming together to an agreed consensus on the progress achieved through the rehab sessions, closing the program with a certificate.


The COVID wing provides consultation services through highly qualified and experienced Consultants in OPD and IPD, as required.

After diagnosing patient’s condition, our Consultants discuss available treatment options and recommend the most effective treatment.