COVID wing

Best Hospital for Corona Treatment in Dhaka

HiCare has the most robust and comprehensive COVID care facility in the country. To augment this, we have round-the-clock 24/7 multidisciplinary support of Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine, Nephrologist, Radiologist, Cardiologist and others along with a modern well-equipped treatment facility, with a dedicated In-patient COVID treatment facility segregated from Non-Covid area:

  • Number of Doctors 10
  • Number of Nurses 24
  • Other Staffs 40
  • COVID Dedicated ICU bed 10
  • COVID Bed with Central Oxygen Supply 10
  • Covid dedicated HDU BED 8
  • Total High Flow Nasal Cannula Available (functioning) 8
  • Total Ventilator Available 6
  • Total Cylinder Available 150
  • Total Bed Available with Central Qxygen Supply Point (general+ICU+HDU) 30
  • Total Covid Dedicated beds 30

HiCare has been acting as one of the best hospitals for treating patients with Coronavirus in Dhaka. HiCare provides 24/7 specialist coverage in Emergency to triage & identify COVID & Non-COVID patients, reliable Coronavirus/ COVID test by RT PCR method in out-patient, Post Covid Rehab, home sample collection, bulk sample collection & fast track service.