header-imagingSpecialtiesThe new face of the Department of Radiology and Imaging is not that of a single person but rather a group of highly trained professionals with international expertise in the imaging of musculoskeletal conditions. From the acquisition of the image to its interpretation, images are individually tailored to address the specific clinical concerns of the referring clinicians. This creates a “customized image” that provides superior diagnostic capabilities, often obviating the need for more invasive surgical procedures such as diagnostic arthroscopy.87589844

Our interventional radiologists are skilled in treating many conditions non-surgically with image guided injections, utilizing ultrasound and fluoroscopy. The faculty of radiologists has both national and international expertise, many of whom train other radiologists in the interpretation of these conditions and the performance of these procedures. Many of the specialized techniques developed at HSS, such as dedicated MR imaging protocols for cartilage evaluation, are not available for years at other facilities. Imaging plays an integral part of HSS’s integrated delivery system of musculoskeletal care.

Ionizing Radiation – X-Rays and CT’s

Radiation Safety for our Patients and Employees
This Radiation Hygiene is of paramount importance to everyone in the Department of Radiology & Imaging. Baisic policies and procedures employed to assure safety and security of our patients undergoing imaging examination procedures and for the employees providing these services are discussed.

Radiologic Technologists/Nurses/PA’s
All the HSS Radiologic Technologists, Sonographers, Magnetic Resonance Techologists are dedicated to musculoskeletal Imaging. Our nurses and PA’s are focused on musculoskeletal interventional procedures performed under image guidance including pre and post procedure care.